1 months old baby

Question: Hi..My baby has completed 2 weeks. Till two weeks she was waking up every 3 hour for feeding. but last two days she has not woken up at night for feeding and the time gap has been increasing to 4 to 6 hours. While in daytime she continues with her 3 hour schedule. Is something wrong or is it normal to have such gaps at night. Should I compulsory feed her every 3 hours at night too.

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Answer: Hello dear baby sleeping pattern will change many time till 9 to 10 months. Well sleeping for 3 4 hours continue is normal nothing to worry. But feed after 2 hours is necessary. When baby is sleeping and you want to feed her rub your nipple on her cheeks baby will get the smell and start to suck.
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Question: My baby is 5 weeks old.From 5 week onwards she is waking up only one or two times for feeding. Earlier she woke up at every 2 3 hours strech. During daytime she takes proper feed.is it normal for a growing baby to change her feeding habit at night
Answer: Dear it is fine if the baby is not waking up it doesn't mean she is not hungry. You can wake up the baby and give the feed. I used to do it for my daughter. And she used to take the feed in sleep when I used to offer. Hope it helps.
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Question: my baby is 5 month 24 days and she is waking every hour at night for feeding. how to help her sleep all night . plz suggest me
Answer: Your baby may be hungry. Since ur baby is 5m24d yu start giving her semisolids like ragi barley and rice porridge and purees like carrots and apple. Start one at a time and repeat the same for three days. Increase the quantity gradually. Just before bed give a warm water bath to ur baby (if climate permits) I used to give a pinch of nutmeg (as per the advice of elders around 8 pm whenever my baby don't sleep)
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Question: My baby still wakes up every two hours for feeding at night... Sometimes in an hour also.. what to do... M giving food before bedtime also
Answer: Food will be not enough . Make active by day time so that he sleep well in night time . Give easily digestion foods by night . Sometimes if food not digested also he woke . Make baby sleep place very silent dim the light .
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Question: My baby is 11 months old. She wakes up every 3 hours for feeding at night. Is it normal
Answer: Hello At what time she takes her dinner?? If the baby needs are high it is ok to have feeding.dnt panic until she is active and gaining healthy weights.if the babies feel thirsty also they will wake up.
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