3 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby has completed 2 months.. Now is he is 2months n 17days old... He never use to suck.. I use to take out with sirinj m use to give him from spoon.. Now I have got the manual pump. But earlier my milk use to come.. But now it's not coming in a flow..Again i want him to give my milk.. As he is in on bottle feed...So help me how to get my breast milk back..

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Answer: Dear breastmilk comes when baby latch it's a hormonal thing. So when baby latch from breast your hormones get stimulation and breast milk come. So baby above 2 months so it's time to latch baby directly from breast otherwise your milk will start drying up.. so if baby get fussy then dont worry just feed baby directly from breast. At first baby will cry alot and will also stop drinking but trying regularly will make baby latch on breast..
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    Shweta Wassan705 days ago

    Thank u so much.. I think my milk is getting dry.. So how can I get it back..

Answer: Dear try karo baby suck kare, same problem faced n dr k medicine v Lia but no success then mene guria ko suck karana start Kia first wo roti thi kuki zayda Ni ata tha then every time jab bottle milk dene s pehle usko suck karati thi after 48 hours start ho Gaya milk n avi normal ho Gaya. Dear jab tak baby suck Ni karega flow start Ni hoga.. medicine s jab tak loge tab rahega n medicine stop karoge then milk v stop ho jayehga...
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Question: My son is 6 days old. He is not sucking breasts milk but he takes when I spoon feed him. How to make him suck breast milk. And can I use pump to extract my milk and feed him? I heard that pumping breast milk means milk will stop producing. Is that true. Pls suggest good electric breast pumps in budget.
Answer: Hi dear..is ur baby preterm..why he cant suck...if he is not preterm...try to learn him sucking...it is hard...but not impossible...avent breast pump is good...pumping milk is not reduce milk...but it is very hard job for mother to pump n feed...i share my experience with u...my baby is preterm so was feed him wirh spoon by using pump...but after two months i cant manage it because i cant sleep even 10 min in night also...because all the time i pumping n feed my baby .so one day i decided to start him direct brest feed...he cant suck n cried a lot but i not gave him milk by spoon...all day n night he cried but i try to learn him sucking...n its like magic. .next day he learn to suck...n then i stopped sppon feeding...i know it was so hard time...that my baby was crying due to hunger... but after that he learn to suck...hope it help...i ping u personally
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Question: How to use philips avent manual breast feeding pump? Can we store the milk in feeding bottle....
Answer: Hi.. Dear freshly extracted breast milk can be kept in room temperature for about 6 hours.. If the room is really warm, it can last for about four hours.. In refrigerator you can store for two to three days.. If your baby doesn't finish a bottle of freshly pumped or refrigerated milk, you can offer it to the baby again at the next feeding.. But, do not heat it again and again.. Once or twice is ok.. That too in a hot water vessel, not directly on gas or refrigerator.....
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Question: My baby is 14 months old.. He drinks v less cow milk from glass.. Should i give him milk in bottle.. I hav never given him bottle earlier.. He drinks less milk from sipper as well
Answer: It's not the reason for drink vry little amount of milk u should give milk with other flavour don't give him bottle
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