15 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby has completed 15 months... please suggest me what can I feed him?.. he doesn't eat on his as he doesn't put anything in his mouth own also he only eats smashed food.. he sleeps at 10 pm in night and wakes up 9 am in the morning and sleeps at 12 noon for an hour.

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Answer: Hi dear meri beti b 15 month old h but vo b kuch nai khati sb kuch try kia muh se nikal deti even vo to soti b bhut km h rat ko mushkil se 2 hour soti qp apne bete ko in night ky khilate ji vo itni der sota
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Question: My baby is not passing urine while sleeping at night and pees only after waking up in morning, I even feed her while sleeping is it ok if he doesn't pass urine throughout the sleep?
Answer: Hey dear the baby who s depended on milk should pass more than 6 times urine in 24 hours so pls count ur babies urime if she s passing more than urine in a day then dont worry if she s not passing in night time give bf aftet 2 2 hours in day time nd after 3 3 hours in night time .try it
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Question: Hi my baby is 10 month old but he doesn't sit up his own ..he loves to do commondo crawling..please let me know how can I teach him sitting on his own ...he sits straight if we make him sit ..there is no problem in that..and now he tries to stand up also by holding chair
Answer: Dont worry. My baby was also in this same track. Give him some time. He will definetly sit. Encourage him to sit by placing his fav toys. While he sit by his own please do encourage him by clapping, it makes him happy and do it repeatedly.. What i mentioned is my experience. May it will help you. Please do keep in mind Every babys are unique.
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Question: My baby is turning 8 month now but he is not seat by his own, if i put him in seating position he can only. Is it normal?
Answer: Let him learn by himself how to sit, do not lift him up and make him sit , give vitamin d3 drops regularly, please have a word about this with your paediatrician in next visit
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