9 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby got fell down from bed today she cried when she fall down and she is normal after that, will it affect?

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Answer: Hello dear If u see that baby is active enough after felling from bed and also having proper breastfeeding or formula then u need not to worry. But if u see anything serious such as vomiting or blood, then immediately rush to hospital.
Answer: Hi! If there wasnt any vomiting or any swell and baby is active dont worry, but if thr is a swell and pain or baby is cranky pls take him to the Dr. usually if the height is 2 feet thr isnt any problem.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is now 10months, he fell down from bed today and vomited after 5 min ..is it serious
Answer: Hi, vomiting once or twice after fall is okay but you should consult a doctor if the vomiting continues. also make sure that the baby did not hit the head as also concussion can cause vomiting. its a serious thing thing and needs to be examined by your doctor to make sure theres no concussion. also watch for signs of excessive sleeping,confusion, loss of consiousness etc.
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Question: My baby fell down from the bed..she cried and slept ..no injury mark ..pls hlp..is she fine
Answer: Please observe her for the next 2 days dear... If she is vomiting very frequently or extremely inactive or drowsy...then please consult with your pediatrician immediately.. otherwise there's no need to be worried...
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Question: My neighbor's daughter fell down from bed nd she cried alot, next day
Answer: Next day she went hosp nd doct told blood clot in brain, immediately they went for operation. My son is ,4 years old he also fell down nd kicked very hard to floor, for now 1 week over but bump area has dark patch nd we can see slight bump, remaining all quite normal he acts normal, playing well. I'm still worrying abt him, can I take him to hosp for scan? Or when should I worry?
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