2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby girl s 2 months 1 week. Her left eye watering problem bt no other signs like redness r infection only watering problem. I have given warm massage in her eye. When it Will stop m very much worried

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Question: Hi..my babys birth weight was 3.1kg..bt now she is only 7.1kg..she looks very lean..she eat normally all food..other than that she s active..bt m vry much worried..how to increase her weight
Answer: Hi don't worry as according to birth weight babies weight should be double the birth weight at 6months and triple at the end of first year so accordingly baby weight is normal and if baby is active playful sleep well takes proper feed won't cry after feeding pee count is more than 6 weight is gaining then don't worry it indicate baby is healthy and getting sufficient amount of milk. So don't worry about the physical appearance.rather than physical appearance babies health is important. Take care
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Question: Hi doctor my baby having a redness in her left eye and under the eye there is small swelling. Recently she had a fever also now she is better with a medication but eye problem is not yet solved. Even doctor prescribed a drops to her but when we used that drops to her, her eyes will became more redness and swelling will be more. Can u please suggest what can we do? What s best. I am seriously worried..
Answer: You should again take a baby to doctor and you should you should describe whole situation to your doctor that the address is not going and even increasing so that you doctor will change the medicine and drops and it should not be ignored because eyes is really sensitive part of a human body which is very delicate and its care should be done properly so please don't ignore it and take your baby to doctor again. protected from dust and also if there is any kind of water coming out of baby's eyes and Don't clean it with any dirty cloth use clean cloth onley
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Question: My daughter 's eyes are red ......two days before it was her left eye that was red but today morning her right eye has also become red ......what should b the matter ...im very much worried
Answer: Hi dear,red eye indicates an eye infection.I'm giving u some home remedies but before using it u should consult with doctor as some infections can really be harmful.U can use saline water to clear ur baby's eye, cold tea bag will also help hold it on eye will relax the eye,u can also use a cotton soaked in mild hot water and hold it on eye will help to reduce the swelling,make sure the cotton is clear enough.Hope this will help,Take care.
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