7 months old baby

Question: Hi.. My baby girl is now completed her 7th month successfully from today she I'll get 8 month what food have to be taken by her...

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Answer: Hello ma'am, U can give ur baby a variety of food but in a puree or porridge stage . Early morning :- give BM / FM . Breakfast:- Idly with BM , formula upma , roti with milk , formula mashed dosa, boiled apple , mashed banana , veg soup , deluted fresh juice , ragi with milk, ghee. Lunch :- Dal roti , dal water , dal rice, khichdi , cerelac, sooji ka kheer . Evening Snack - cerelac , biscuit with milk , sooji kheer . Dinner :- sooji kheer , nestum , cerelac by 8 pm . U can keep feeding ur baby BM or FM as needed needed between the meal . Thanku
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Question: What are foods and care should be taken from 7th month to get normal delivery?
Answer: Walk daily as it is the best and safe exercise during pregnancy. Start with 15 min and try to reach minimum 45 min From 9 month onwards eat 6 dates daily 8f nit diabetics. From 37 week onwards do sit up and duck walk. Have nutritious diet. Normal or Cesarian are last time decissions depending upon various circumstances but by following above steps one should increase his chance of having normal delivery. All the best
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Question: My girl baby she completed 4th month now which food should give to my baby
Answer: Hi dear, Before 6 months of baby's age,nothing should be given except breastmilk and formula milk,not even water.as baby needs alot if nutrition to grow physically and mentally,over diluting or giving water could fill his stomach early and baby won't feed much.it would reduce his weight too.the amount of water in formula or breastmilk is sufficient to quench his thirst.do not give water separately.Älso refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: What food to be taken to get fairer skinned baby?
Answer: You can have last night water dipped 4 almonds in next morning, coconut water, raw coconut will help your baby to be having fairer skin. Have plenty of fruits, iron rich diet and plenty of water, that will certainly help you in helathy baby.
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