4 months old baby

Question: Hi. My 4months 11days baby girl is not turn on other side. Is it normal when usually baby's will start roll.

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Answer: Dear its completely normal if baby didn't start rolling over yet. Every baby has it own growth and some learn early and some late so dont worry. Just give tummy time to your baby regularly. This will help baby to hold his head and also rolling over..
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Question: My baby boy is 4months old now but still he has not rolled over yet,when do babies usually turn or roll over,please advice
Answer: Babies usually start rolling over from 4 months as now baby has sufficient upper body strength and can mini push themselves. By 6 months baby will become strong to roll themselves from stomach to back and back to stomach. Babies develop skills differently, some more quickly than others.. Better u should wait some time, if ur baby is not rolling then u should better consult ur doctor
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Question: Hi my baby is 4months 11days old and she is not rolling on other side.. what should I do? Is it normal? Please answer me..
Answer: Some babies take some time to reach their milestones. Make her lie on a mat placed on floor instead of bed. Babies finds it easier to roll on floor than bed.
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Question: Hi my baby will be 4th mnh on 5th of July. He doesn't turn on side even. When does usually baby turn or roll on tummy. M eagerly waiting.
Answer: S Wait for a month It will happen in. Coming days
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