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Question: Hi my baby girl is 21 days old... Can you suggest what can I eat for better breastfeeding...and nutrition of my baby..

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Answer: All cereals, fish like mackerel, shark fish enhances breast milk production, meat liver, green leafy veg, have fennel seed(boiled) water and fenugreek seeds soaked water, fennel seeds enhances milk production and helps remove unwanted water from your body. Give your baby formula or cows milk diluted in water in between now itself, it will be helpful in future, otherwise baby's will get used to breastmilk.
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Question: What type of fruits and vegetables can I eat my baby is 21 days old
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Please try to avoid citrus fruits.Banana you can eat in the afternoons. Apple, sapota, pomegranate etc you can have. Take care
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Question: Can you suggest a better food chart for 3 year old baby girl
Answer: Hllo dear as ur baby s 3 years old u have give proper diet for babys devlopment as first thing u have 2 give s milk if u have sufficient bf then bf otherwise u can give Cow milk to ur baby .Milk is an important part of a toddler's diet because it provides calcium and vitamin D, which help build strong bones. dearc. soak 2 almond in night in morning peel it nd grind nd give it to baby . After that in breakfast which s a important for babies u can give Besan Chilla Alloo Paratha,Paneer sandvich Cheese butter sandvich .Bread butter Egg wit bread . try it at 12co clock give fruits or juices as fruits r healthy for babies as its a natural vitamin nd mineral Give 1 apple per day as dr says a apple a day keeps dr away u can give apple puree too .give banana papaya chikoo watermelon .try it after 2 hours give lunch as dal rice Allo tamatar sabji wit rice veg kichri veg daliya sooji chilla sooji dosa .curd wit rice .after half an hour u can give cucumber carrort as salad .then give half bowl of curd or buttermilk its healthy 4 baby it improves babys digestion .nd after that sleep to baby .when he wake up give bf or cow milk .after 2 hours give evening snack as french fries sooji wit milk or oats wit milk .then after 2 hour give dinner as small roti wit sabji as louki turai pumkin allo ki sabji paneer buji .spinach wit paneer or spinach wit potato .and after that u can give curd as its optional Before sleep time u can give turmeric milk and saffron milk in winter nd plain milk in summer . turmeric nd saffron milk s very healthy for baby its save or baby cold nd cough .if possible take fresh turmeric its looks like ginger .make sure the milk you use should be pre bolied nicely and should be pasteurised.
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Question: Hi... My son is 17 days old and he is not taking breastfeeding is there any problem with it and what should I do for you him breastfeeding
Answer: Hello dear It is a matter of concern if ur baby is not drinking milk. If the situation is right from the time of birth, it means that he is having a kind of difficult breastfeeding and this is sometimes obvious while sometime mysterious too. 1. Sometimes baby finds difficulty in breathing, so they refuse to drink milk. 2. The child might be suffering from any kind of pain like ear infection or any other discomfort. 3. If your baby refuses to drink milk and you have found out other issues, see whether he is allergic to milk or not. 4. Sometimes the child is not feeling well and so he refuses to drink milk. 5. Sometimes the mother is unaware and the milk flow either is too much or too slow due to which the child refuses to drink milk. 
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