1 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby girl is tutning 2 months, she is sleeping for 3 hours, so i coul not able to feed her every 2 hours.. is it ok?

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Answer: Hello ma'am Ya its fine , as she gets up than you feed , totaly 7 to 9 times a day feeding is to be done.
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Question: My premature baby is sleeping 3- 4 hours at a time. But dr says to feed her after every 2 hours. Its difficult to wake up her after every 2 hours to feed. Am i feed her after her authtomatic awake almost after 3 to 4 hours. Or it needs to forcefully feed her breaking her aound sleep. Will it affect my baby to gain weight. She was born in 7 months and now completed 8 months.
Answer: Yes u have to wake up baby every 2 hours n feed.if baby is sleeping u can pump ur milk and feed through spoon.my baby use to drink even if he is sleeping...even my baby was premature (35 week)..do atlest 2 month for proper weight gain...then u can feed whenever she needs..
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Question: my LO is almost 3 months . he doesnot feed every 2 hours is it ok??
Answer: Yes it's ok Your baby will show you signs of hunger. Overfeeding would only cause him to vomit the extra milk out as he is very small and has a small stomach. Feed him to satisfy his hunger, aim for 8-10 good feeds a day and check for Weight gain. It should be proper
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Question: hi experts my baby girl is 3 months old she is active but is not having much feed. she has very little milk every 2 hours. what should i do to increase her feed
Answer: Dont force feed...feed on demand basis...increase frequency of feeding...incase u r breastfeeding feed her 10-12 times...incase u r formula feeding her den feed her 5-6times...3ounce every time
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