12 months old baby

Question: Hi My Baby Girl is 1 year old . Suddenly she stopped accepting food. At the transition towards turning one year it seems a major change in her attitude. Earlier she used to take her 3 meals in a day very normally. I used to give her soji ki kheer or porridge in breakfast then khichdi in lunch and dal with mashed roti or upma in dinner. But now from last 15 days she is not accepting any of this food item. She doesn't have milk also except BM. Whatever i offer her dhe just do thu thu thu and shout and cry a lot if i try to feed her forcefully. Please suggest me what should i do..thanks

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Answer: Dear don't worry it's just a phase which will pass soon. Have patience. May b she is teething.. During teething babies go through lot of pain in gums and discomfort.. They also refuse to eat at that time.. It will take longer than usual to feed her but make she is full of her tummy. Try to give her different different food or the type of food which she likes most.. Semi liquid food will be helpful.. Feed her bm frequently. Offer small quantity at a time.. Let her play and then offer more.. Don't force feed her or else she might vomit.. Soon she will be having her nornal diet again. Don't worry
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    Parul Agarwal487 days ago

    Thanks a lot for ur advice.. i was really tensed ..

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    mandira samadder487 days ago

    You are most welcome dear

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