Few days old baby

Question: hi my baby girl 2 days old

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Answer: Congrats on u r delivery happy parenting
Answer: Congratulations
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Question: Hi! My baby girl is 51 days old. She hasnt pooped for 2 days. Is it normal? Pls reply.
Answer: Hi dear. Hi dear If your baby is exclusively breastfeeding then it’s normal that he may not have a bowel movement every day. On the other hand, formula-fed babies have 3 to 4 times bowel movements in a day.   It’s very normal if your breastfed baby goes up to 7 days without any bowel movement. Baby is constipated because Baby doesn’t get sufficient water through mother’s milk.Due to weather, the baby is not getting sufficient water to his bodySo, you must keep your body hydrated, have sufficient water intake if you are a breastfeeding mom. You must breastfeed your baby more often to keep baby hydrated
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Question: hi..my baby girl is 2 month 4 days old..in which month they will move..?
Answer: Hai dear the baby gets roll after 3 months while baby start to lift the head . Please like my comment if it is helpful
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Question: Hi, My 25days old baby girl didn't poop for past 2 days. What should I do?
Answer: Nothing to worry dear. This is normal. Try massaging baby's navel with coconut oil.This will help to pass motion
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