3 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby drinks milk every one hour in day time and in every 2 hours in night time. Is it normal? Should I do something to reduce the time gap in the day time. I am not sure what to do.

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Answer: No need sister ... this is the demand of ur baby .... observe ur little ones urine amount ..... normal ....
Answer: Its ok ...bm is light so baby get up frequently...
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Question: My 2 months old baby drinks milk in every 1 hour during the day and 3 hours during night. Is this normal?
Answer: , a newborn drinks about 1.5-3 ounces (45-90 milliliters) every 2-3 hours. This amount increases as your baby grows and is able to take more at each feeding. At about 2 months, your baby may be taking 4-5 ounces (120-150 milliliters) at each feeding and the feedings may be every 3-4 hours.
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Question: My baby is not sleeping in day time..and in night he wake up every 2 hour...bt in day time he is sleeping only for 2-3 hours?? What should i do to make him sleep...
Answer: Feed your child well. Your baby is hungry that is why it is not able to sleep . feed your child well a full tummy will make ypur baby automatically sleep .
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Question: Hi all...I am peeing every one hour at night and during the day every 15 minutes!! Why is it?
Answer: During pregnancy the pressure of uterus falls on bladder leading to excess urination.
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