19 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby don't want to eat. Wat should I feed him? He is 17 months old. Pls reply.

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Answer: Hi dear, Most of the parents have this issue,that their babies are not eating enough.but honestly I would like to suggest you that stop worrying much at this stage.your baby is still growing and exploring lot of things around,including food.if your baby is active,healthy then donot worry.if she is little underweight also,donot worry,as long as she is meeting her milestones.intriducing variety of foods little little would encourage baby to taste.try making the meal time fun.sometimes we mothers are so busy in feeding ,that babies great bored.sing rhymes,and make it more fun.offer less food at a time.no matter if the baby has eaten just one spoon in lunch.baby wood eat more in breakfast,so donot stress.force feeding is never recommended.it would.never let baby understand what natural appetite means.and lead to obesity in adulthood.never show TV or mobile while feeding.force feeding would also stress your baby and could backfire by vomiting out.avoif giving junk foods like chips,biscuits,too much milk,chocolates etc.they kill the appetite.give fresh home cooked food.
Answer: hi dear, babies at times are averse to food and they take time to adjust to taste or start liking something.. You should by this age introduce fruits and even vegetables cooked and in raw form like small strips of carrots etc to eat. Khichdi , oats , daliya and even proper roti sabji can be introduced to the baby. Try making a pattern for the baby where you set a 3 meal plan and milk atleast two times... see what the baby develops the taste for and gradually add items in the menu for the baby..
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Answer: It is worrisome if your baby is not eating, though this is what can happen when a new tooth is erupting, causing gum pain. And also ur baby is not drinking milk thia might be because ur baby is not able to put pressure in sucking. So. U don't worry and take proper medication for ur baby
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Question: My baby is of 5 months.. N don't want to breastfeed.. He used to cry a lot if I force him.. What should I do to feed him ?
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Question: My 17 months old baby don't have untill i force him. N he vomits after feed. What should i do?
Answer: Of the baby is eating solid food then it's ok..You don't have to force him to take milk.
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