1 months old baby

Question: hi my 1month baby crying daily at night without reason .she will start by 11pm and up to morning 5o clock she not sleeping..pls help me

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Answer: Baby is not crying without reason dear. Baby might be colic. 1. Take a spoon of hot water and mix it with asafoetida. When cool down to 50% apply on baby naval area, on chest, on upper lips, on toe fingers and hand nails. Give a baby warm bath. It will help to soothe the tummy.  2. You can also use a warm cloth or warm bottle to put on tummy. 3. Use rocker to swing and vibrate the baby. Swing helps to soothe the baby. 4. Always feed baby in upright position and burp after every feed. 5. Do gentle clockwise circular motions belly massage with warm oil. 6. Lie down the baby on back and with folded legs. Hold the baby ankles and push the knees to reach tummy as in cycling motion. 7. Breastfeed mom should include fennel seeds in her daily diet. Fennel is a great source to release gas in bodies. Must include non-gassy foods.
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    Shweta Dubey1098 days ago

    Yes off course.

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Question: My babby crying at night time not sleeping untill morning
Answer: May he/she is not having enough milk.. Or he/she have pain in his/her stomach.. You can give ColicAid drops 15 minutes before feeding..
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Question: My baby cries daily in the night up to 1 o clock. She will not drink bm she cries continuously. During day time she sleeps.
Answer: sign to colic baby.. try to pacify her.. in the worst case u can give colicacid .2ml to pacify
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Question: My baby is not sleeping properly..she used to start crying at 10pm and keep on crying up to 1am.. I don't know why.. Please help me
Answer: Dear it may be because baby has gas. Try to burp the baby after each feeding. Also in this hot weather kids get cranky for no reason. So try to maintain room temperature around 25 degree centigrade. Hope it helps.
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