1 months old baby

Question: .hi my baby boy will b 2.5month. there is wedding function I have to attend in may. it is summer so should I go with baby or not? please advice

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Answer: of course you should go with your baby. baby ko kha chhod dengi dear.
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Question: need to attend a wedding.. but scared to go out.. is there any harm to my baby if I go to any function?
Answer: No.. it's just myth.. if you take care of your self.. take all precaution while travelling.. eating healthy.. have plenty of water.. nothing will happen.. be assured
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Question: Hi, I am blessed with baby boy on 15th of may. My belly is bulgy now. How to reduce it? Should i drink luke warm water in summer to reduce it. Please suggest as i have gone through c section.
Answer: Congratulations! Ok so it has been only few days. It will reduce itself. You can do yoga of pulling the tummy onwards after 3 weeks. Yes you can drink warm or normal water. But that might not contract you muscle. It is a natural process. Do little exercises but not now
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Question: My Doctor said that if labour does not start naturally he will induce it with gel. Is there any thing i need to worry. Or should I go with c-sec. Please advice me. I am very tensed.
Answer: that is absolutely normal and you should not worry. ask dr if taking castor oil with milk every day twice in a day will help asmany dr do try and prescribe for a normal dilivery trial. at 40th you will be induced if the above measures do not work also try doing squats try to have a normal dilivery as your dr can do c section anytime when you fail to apply pressure or normally baby has turned into position. do not worry.
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Question: Hi my baby is 8 months old.. i have to attend a full day function , so what n all food item shuld I Carry with me for my baby.. please help anyone..🙏
Answer: It will be ok..and ur body had undergone so many changes during pregnancy and child birth..so it will take time to heal..take rest..apply coconut oil and take hot water bath..
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