3 months old baby

Question: Hi ... My baby boy`s poop has small hairs . Will it affect him ? Will all hair in his stomach come out? Is there any problem?

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Question: My 6 weeks baby swallowed small piece of thread will it make a problem or will it come out in poop
Answer: hi dear , i am assuming the baby is not having any distress and this was a small piece of thread .. if so then dont worry but watch out if baby is uncomfortable to breathe or suck etc and if so consult the doctor and get ut checked.. if no harm then this would come out by way of poop anyways
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Question: Hi..im in 6th month having twins. But stomach not come out well, small only. Is there any problem in baby's growth?
Answer: Hi You are just 22 weeks and baby be in avacado size so tummy wont show much digference from now...babies start growing much faster and shows more difference only after 3rd trimester starts...there wont be any problem its normal take care
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Question: My baby always poop all his napkins now there is no poop is there any problem
Answer: Hi,please explain clearly weather the baby has not passed motion since how many days do that we can help you.
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