10 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby boy s 9 months 20 days old he not got teeth still what to do??

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Answer: Hello dear There is nothing to worry. Usually, the first tooth emerges at around six months. However, some babies will get teeth early and some will not get teeth till their first birthday. If your baby still doesn't have any teeth at 9 months he is just taking his time.
Answer: Hi ..Nothing to worry about. My daughter same age, she also doesn't have yet.
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Question: Hi my baby is 9 months and 20 days old ...but still she has not got a single tooth ...what to do ...i am very scared
Answer: It's normal.... don't worry give your baby time nd hv petitions every kid hv different ways to develop
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Question: Hi,my baby is now 9 months old still he is not any teeth
Answer: Hi! No dear there is no problem if there is no teeth at 9 months, my daughter had her first when she was 11 months old :). Dont worry! Your baby will have his first tooth soon, you can give him teether if he shows any sign of biting. Teething is a painful phase and i have listed few common symptom below; 1) Drooling 2) Swollen gums 3) Irritability 4) Loss of sleep 5) Trying to bite and suck everything comes his way. 6)Rejection of food etc. Few babies poop loose too. If your baby does nt want to have solid please provide liquid and lots of breast milk as it works as a soother. Massage the gum of your baby with a cold and clean muslin cloth wrapping in your finger. Give the baby cold teether to suck on. You can give home made fruit popsicles too. Good luck ! Good luck!
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Question: My baby boy is 10 months old and he is still not walking...what to do ...?
Answer: Hello... Dear usually kids walk around 15 months of their age,so don't get worried,there are few techniques which help getting walk soon.. Give him nutritious diet, which contains all nutrients needed for her development You stand in one side of the wall,make baby to stand at another wall,call him from another side,it will encourage her to walk soon,can also use walker which enable babies to walk soon Wash his legs with rice soaked water,it is very nutritious and helps babies to walk soon,heat rice soaked water to lukewarm Condition,then massage and wash from hip to feet,you will see results within a week,do it regularly
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