22 months old baby

Question: Hi. My baby boy isn't talking till now. He is only saying baba mama babies dada meow and nothing above that. But he is calling everyone baba and me also. When we call him by his name he never responded, if we say Jhonny Jhonny he responded. If I show him book. He throws it. He always in a mood to be naughty and not interested to say anything. I am very much stressed that he is so naughty and not saying anything .climbing everywhere throws everything. And also in daytime he never ask for breastfeeding, but when he wanted to go to sleep he always breastfeed and whole night he wakes up and breastfeeding. Now, it is painful for me to feed him whole night. Please suggest how will he talk and stop breastfeeding as I have already applied all home remedy.

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Answer: Hi dear.. Here are some tips to boost child speech: πŸŒ€Get their imagination going with a simple object or a person. πŸ‘‰* Tell everything about them. πŸ‘‰*Make up elaborated stories with characters, conflict, adventure but should have a happy ending. πŸ‘‰Be sure that the stories fit your childs interests. πŸŒ€ Help ur toddler with learning to talk. πŸ‘‰ *Talk as much and as often as u can with baby. πŸ‘‰*Focus on what toddler say , don't discourage baby pronunciation. πŸ‘‰*Get your baby attention by saying his/her name before you talk. πŸ‘‰* Give ur child plenty of opportunities to talk during everyday activities. πŸ‘‰ *Always simplify the speech. πŸ‘‰* Watch her face and show interest, it encourage them to talk more. πŸ‘‰*Always make eye contact while talking with ur child. πŸ‘‰ * Repeat back after she says something, by doing this it will be clear in their mind. πŸ‘‰ * Expose to new situations where u can introduce more words. πŸ‘‰*Appreciate ur child by saying good or well done, when they say correctly. πŸ‘‰ *Sing rhymes and songs to her. πŸ‘‰*switch off unnecessary background noise such as TV music etc.. when u teaching kid how to speak. πŸ‘‰*However dont rush and expect child to learn very soon by comparing with other child, all toddlers are different and learn to talk at different rates. πŸ‘‰ * Describe about ur activity like wat r u doing.. where r u going.. what u can see.. πŸ‘‰*Dont finish up your toddlers sentences as they may loose interest. πŸ‘‰ *Include baby in ur conversation and give a chance to chat in between. * Hope it helps.. Do with patience to see marvellous result . πŸ“Œ Regarding night weaning, follow these Simple ways to make baby sleep whole night, without getting up for feed. Follow this dear... πŸ‘‰Give children stomach full food after 8pm, and then let baby sleep. πŸ‘‰Keep warm water feeding bottle handy, as soon as baby wake up at night.. feed water because sometimes baby cry in night due to thirst. πŸ‘‰Put free and comfortable cotton clothes. πŸ‘‰Take precautions of mosquito bite πŸ‘‰Make sure to put fresh Diaper to baby at night, wet nappies makes them feel chill and they get up. πŸ‘‰Switch off the bright light. πŸ‘‰Sleep near to baby, to feel comfortable. πŸ‘‰Last but not least kiss ur baby and whisper Good night darling wake up at morning with cute smile. πŸŒ€Try this it works 100%
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Answer:Β Hi..Try with spoon. If baby is not having milk by breastfeed...My frnds even tired this for them it's worked. I know it's hard and will take time but try once may be you will get good results
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