9 months old baby

Question: Hi ... My baby boy is 9 months old .... His poop is smelling very bad ... I have used enterogermina

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Answer: Yeah for every 2 hours ... Try to feed baby even he sleeps
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Question: My baby boy is 77 days old, he poop after 3-4 days, his poop smelling lot, what is the reason??
Answer: Hi dear first of all who is supposed to be smelly only now if your baby is passing Poop after an interval of 3 to 4 days that is also common question with exclusively breastfed babies it is absolutely common to pass poop after 3 to 4 days because breast milk gets completely digested in there is no excretion but don't worry slowly the pattern will be fine .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My 3 months old baby hasn't pooped since 5 days. Also, now his diaper is smelling very bad
Answer: Babies at this stage often skip pooping for days.if your baby is exclusively breastfed,then no need to worry at all.as tht can go without pooping for 7 days and be normal.breadtmilk has not much waste so they might not poop daily.but if baby is formula fed and not pooped for days,then this could b constipation.so please check with doctor for suppositories.,..,,
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Question: My baby poop is smelling very bad? Is it a problem?
Answer: Usually when babies start to have proper meal thete poo do smell it's not a problem don't worry.
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