5 months old baby

Question: Hi ..my baby boy is completing 5 months after 1wk..he sleeps while breastfeeding..is it k or not

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Answer: Yes. It is normal. Most of the babies do like that. But change baby's head position straight after 10 more minutes.
Answer: Yeah its okay.. Nothing to worry... I do that a lot haha
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Question: Hello. My boy baby is 2.5 months old. Sometimes he sleeps for 5-6 hrs at a stretch without even breastfeeding. Is this ok?
Answer: S Nothing to worry But try to fed him during his sleep itself
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Question: My baby sleeps more..while breastfeeding she gets sleep soon..is it normal
Answer: Hi. Congratulations dear. And what youbare experiencing is very normal, as baby in womb were very cozy and sleepy most of the time they sleep soon as they find the cozyness and warmth. But dont worry rub babies ear he would wake up and have milk, if baby doesnt wakes up kick his food with finger baby would drink milk. Good luck.
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Question: Hi my baby is 73days old while he feeding milk after 5 to 10min he is vomiting it is normal
Answer: Hi dear , Ru burping him?? It is important to burp babies after each feed. It releases air trapped in your baby's stomach, making him more comfortable and less fussy. Burping also frees up room in your baby's tummy so he can settle in and feed longer. Burping can also be beneficial for babies who spit up often. And for bottle fed babies it becomes even more important as there is air sucked by babies.
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Question: My baby is 7 months old... Still he sleeps only after breastfeeding... How to change that habit?
Answer: Give him something heavy which keeps his tummy full and help him to sleep for long time
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