7 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby preterm baby , now she is 7months with support only she is sitting,not yet crawl, anybody plz suggest,started soils but she is not sitting with pillow support,slightly slanting position sitting wgike feeding silid food

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Answer: My baby sitting with support only 7 1/2 months. Now he is 8 1/2 month still he is not crawling only belly crawling. So don't worry plz give time to baby
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    manjusha mandapati547 days ago

    Ya it's true now baby crawling,standing her self .thanku dear sorry for my late reply 😍

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Question: Which month baby Will crawl??my baby is sitting with support but not crawling yet
Answer: Don't worry baby will crawl with in7- 11 months. Some baby will not crawl they will skip and start to do sitting without support. Don't worry your baby is alryt
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Question: My baby is 9 Mnth old. She not yet started to crawl. She sits with support only. And also she didnt take bottle feed. What to do??? When babies sit with their legs crossed?
Answer:  Usually babies start crawling around 7 to 9 month of age, but this time can vary considerably. Some never crawl, preferring to pull themselves up and learn to walk instead. Others shuffle on their bottoms for a long time.  Most babies first try to use their arms to “pull” themselves forward and use their legs only minimally. Then they start flexing their legs to pull them under or close to the body. Crawling backwards is the usual first result of that until your baby starts to use her legs more efficiently. Your infant will also start to lift her body further and further, enabling her to pull her legs under her body and rock back and forth. Some babies start crawling efficiently around 9 month of age but most only do so around their first birthday. You can encourage this area of your baby s physical development by putting toys or other interesting objects in front of her – just outside her reach. But watch out, once babies can crawl effectively they will also successfully attempt to crawl up stairs. They won’t be able to come down safely at first, though. 
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Question: My baby is 14 month old now but she is not yet started to walk without a support.
Answer: Hii even my baby started walking in 15 months so nothing to worry as some of the baby starts walking till 18 to 20 months. U can consult doctor once if calcium supplement is req. U can follow below tips. Games that can help  Remote control car chase:  Babies always find toys fascinating. Place the car beside your baby and move it forward slowly. l Encourage her to stop the car. This will surely urge her to get up and catch that running car.  Try to participate in your baby's walking session.  Help her slowly get up from floor & make her stand by your side.  Hold her hand and walk along with her by giving her full support. Don't forget to appreciate the brave attempt.  After the baby learns to crawl, teach her to pull herself up. i Teach her how to bend her knees to get back down to the floor. Help your baby to balance on her feet before she takes her first step.  Count how long she can stay up before she tumbles.   Provide her support while she is taking her first steps.  Encourage her to walk little distance on her own. 
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