4 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby age is now 5th month she doesnt drink my milk she drinks only cows milk but now she us suffer from motion and stomach ache .what i do please help me

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Answer: Add more water in cow milk... If motion not become normal consult pediatrician.. May b she is having infection
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Question: Hi my baby is almost 14 months old now but she doesnt like to eat anýthing..she only drinks my milk..her weight is 8.85..i hve tried so many times but she doesnt open her mouth
Answer: You will need to wean her....... because gradually baby has to be weaned. so you need to stop night feeding and day feeds because that disturbs babies sleep cycle. also it is very healthy if your baby sleeps from night 12 to morning 5 at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep till 5 months. I will tell you to breastfeed a baby till five months. if your last feed is always at 10:30 and then you put your baby to sleep. I would suggest that even after putting a baby to sleep at 10:30 you just give a little top up of milk at 12:30 and then you sleep so if the baby sleeps till 6 in the morning she won't feel run down or very hungry because of that top feed. And it will help to increase her weight. Introduce soups now if you don't introduce now baby might not at all able except food taste later on. Take care.
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Question: Hi my daughter is 15months old now and she is exclusively breastfeed baby. She has never use bottle. She do not drink whole milk or cow milk when ever i try she refuse to drink. I have tried number of times but she refuse to drink. Please help what to do and how to make her drink milk. Please help
Answer: Spoon say pilaye adat daaly piny ki.thoda thoda pilaye adat ho jaygi.
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Question: My baby is.five months old and he is only taking formula milk he doesnt drink my milk no matter how much i try he stays.hungry but doesnt drink my milk please help.
Answer: Hello dear It is a matter of concern if ur baby is not drinking milk. If the situation is right from the time of birth, it means that he is having a kind of difficult breastfeeding and this is sometimes obvious while sometime mysterious too. 1. Sometimes baby finds difficulty in breathing, so they refuse to drink milk. 2. The child might be suffering from any kind of pain like ear infection or any other discomfort. 3. If your baby refuses to drink milk and you have found out other issues, see whether he is allergic to milk or not. 4. Sometimes the child is not feeling well and so he refuses to drink milk. 5. Sometimes the mother is unaware and the milk flow either is too much or too slow due to which the child refuses to drink milk. 
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Question: Halo Mam, my 7-month-old child only drinks my milk. now, next month I have to join office, what do I do? She is not drinking milk from the bottle. what to do , pls help !
Answer: Hello dear, your son will take time to drink milk from bottle. He is having your habit right now. He will not understand it really soon. But, you give your milk as well as diet. When your starts to balance his head and neck then you can give him sweet fruit like apples, peaches, banana papayas etc. You try to feed him milk with bowl and spoon. The baby should get a balanced diet, it is not compulsory that he keeps drinking milk only.
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