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Question: Hi. My baby accidentally got hit by the corner of a wardrobe and he cried very loudly. Thereafter I fed him breastmilk and simultaneously rubbed the hit area gently. Now the is no sign on the area that was hit. What should I do? It has been 9 hours since he was hit.

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Answer: Hello dear If u see that baby is active enough after got hit by corner of wardrobe and also having proper breastfeeding or formula then u need not to worry. But if u see anything serious such as vomiting or blood, then immediately rush to hospital.
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Question: Hello doctor and mommies, my 8 month old baby fell down from bed at one feet high from ground his back head hit in the floor and cried and i fed him bm immediately and he stopped crying and slept... In the morning his activities was as usual.. should i have to check him since he got hit in back side of head... Please do reply
Answer: Hi dear, after falling from hight if your baby is a vomiting ,feeling dizziness, nausea, or fstigue then it is a matter of concern. If your baby is taking proper feed and sleeping and doing all the normal activities then there is nothing to worry about. Take care of your baby.
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Question: My 11month old had loose motions since yesterday..everything was undigested food.. today he had completely green watery stools and tat was d last... 6hrs now no stools.. simultaneously he has been having fever tat went up to 103.. I gave crocin drops n cold compresses for fever but his temperature rises every 2hrs... Wat to do n Wat food shud I give him
Answer: hi dear! so firstly you will have to for sure visit your doctor dear. as this can be infection so treatment is required with the tests. as with the house remedy a faster relief wont take place dear. so visit your doctor for proper treatment. as fever is more and if crocin is not helping then proper treatment will be required . take care .
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Question: My son is 6 month 1week old. Yesterday while he was playing he got injured while playing with a water bottle. He cried and when I checked Blood was flowing out of his mouth got scared and gave him some honey to make him relax. Now he is refusing to drink milk as he got a white colour mouth ulcer in the middle of his upper gum. Kindly help me to relieve him from the pain.
Answer: Overabundant Milk Supply: If your body produces too much breast milk, it can lead to breast engorgement and plugged milk ducts. Excessive Pressure on Your Breasts: A bra that has an underwire, or one that is too tight, canput pressure on the breast tissue and lead to clogged milk ducts. Clogged ducts are painful, and no one wants to have to deal with one, let alone multiple, clogged ducts. Here are some recommendations by experts to prevent clogged ducts and mastitis in the future: Breastfeed regularly and do not allow yourself to become engorged. Use a pump to empty your breast completely if your baby finishes feeding and your breast is not empty.Keep pressure off of your breasts. Experts suggest avoiding restrictive clothing, wearing a bra without underwire, temporarily wearing a bigger size bra, or not wearing a bra at all. The important takeaway is that anything that presses on your breasts for a long amount of time can cause a clog to form!Change your nursing positions to allow the baby to drain milk from all areas of the breast equally.Don’t sleep on your stomach.Increase your fluid and Vitamin C intake to keep your immune system active and your muscles energized!If you notice dried milk plugging openings in your nipples, wash them gently with warm water after each breastfeeding session.Continue to use moist heat and massage after each feeding to prevent clogs and relieve breastfeeding-related pain!
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