Few days old baby

Question: Hi my baby 2.5 months.he does potty every alternate day once..the potty is of Creamy consistency and dark yellow in colour ....my baby is exclusively breastfed...I see small white colour particles in his potty and they are many...my baby 1.5 month old he does potty 10-15 times in a day.. In that time am eating some food only like idly, chapati for tiffin time in afternoon and dinner time rasam, curt rice.. now am changing my dite am eating all food items.. I am vegetarian... he is in 2.5 month..he going potty 1 time in a day in my dite is their any changing... or my baby had any digestion problem... please tell me..

1 Answers
Answer: No need to overreact it's ok yellow seed like potty normal...... yellow potty is totally normal ....just keep ur self hydrated n follow healthy diet