4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi my LMP April 6th...TTC I have pcos...my period due in 3 days ....I have fever....vomiting ...and stomach upset can I travel....by bus or train ...6hrs journey

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Answer: Better to avoid bus train is safe.. all the best
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Question: Hi can i travel by train... It is 7hrs journey
Answer: Hi Travelling in second trimester is safe in compare with first and third trimester.....and most important you travel in train.... It is safe compared to other vehicles.... So don't worry and have a safe journey.....
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Question: hi my LMP April 6th...TTC I have pcos...now getting lots of pimples in forehead n nose....
Answer: It is common in PCOS to get pimples. Avoid junk foods, spicy food and deep fried oily food. You must visit a skin specialist and mention if the problem is increasing. Also, you should mention about pregnancy as most of the skin correction creams have hormonal ingredients. Fusidic acid it similar might work for you. But you must check with your doctor first. Moderate your diet and try to resolve these pimples naturally as you already are taking a lot of medications related to pregnancy. Drink minimum 10-12 glasses of water, sweat a little as in yoga and stretching exercises. Don't overdo anything moreover relax and keep your stress levels in check. Hope it helps! Take care.
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Question: hi ...my LMP April 6th.....TTC..I have pcos....today got early morning vomiting...and stomach upset....
Answer: it is normal..all these signs are common in early pregnancy..dont worry..take rest n healthy diet..drink lots of water..eat small n frequent meal.
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