34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi , my AFL level at 33 week is 8.2 so is it normal? my doctor told it is very low, how to increase it can anyone help me?

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Answer: hii i m also 34 weeks pregnant. . my afl is 8... doctor told it is not low but adequate. ..
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    Ashvini Pise813 days ago

    ok thanks

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Answer: Hav sone fruits like chukunddar, carrots, pomegranate juice Nd salad to Nd increase the quantity of ur daily meal Nd have some milk also
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Question: Hi doctor, how to increase AFL naturally at home..i am already prescribed elmonea for it..i want to know what else i can do to increase AFL
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Question: Im 36 week pregnant. My AFI Level is 8.2.how to increase my AFI level.please tell me tips doctor.
Answer: Hi dear dont worry if it goes below five or six den its problem for normal delivery. You can increase it. So take high protein diet. Start protein powder twice daily. Ask your doctor for medication if needed. do not get worried. Have daily one tender coconut water. It will help improove health.take care
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