35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. my 9th month of pregnancy will srart on 15th oct.The position of baby is breech in my last month scan.My hb is 8.5. The hb is enough if I will go for c section delivery..please suggest me

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Answer: Ur hb is low. Try consulting doctor.
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Question: My baby is in breech position during last scan, will the baby come to normal position as I'm in 9th month of pregnancy. Do we have any exercises to do for it. Please help
Answer: Hello, Dear chances are high that baby will move one more time for birth. So don't worry. Dear some walk that's it. Don't do any exercise Without consulting with your doctor because at this time it can be risky..
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Question: Is there any solution, if the position of baby is breech? Dr asked to have C section
Answer: chances of spontaneous reversion to cephalic are always there but in your case since you are already 36 or 37 weeks there are very less chances of baby to change its position because the baby size has increased and there is little room for the baby to move. But you should follow your doctor advice to prevent fetal distress
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Question: I'm 8th month of pregnancy....if my baby is fine can I go for C-section delivery before due date
Answer: Hi dear, You can definitely schedule your delivery once your baby is fully developed.prior to 38 weeks , delivery is considered preterm and baby need to be kept in NICU for weeks.so after you are full term that is between 38-40 weeks,you can deliver .
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