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Question: Hi my 5th month is running today i feel heaviness in my stomach why any problem

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Answer: Gastric problem is normal in pregnancy and it may cause of cramps in stomach. One of the more effective ways to remedy gas during pregnancy is to monitor your diet. While you can't restrict everything that gives you gas without affecting your nutrition as well as the nutrition of the baby, certain food culprits that produce particularly bad gas can be avoided. The same types of foods the produce gas outside of pregnancy also can produce gas during your pregnancy, such as high-fiber foods like oat bran, most fruits, beans, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, as well as some starchy foods like potatoes and corn. High-fat and fried foods can increase both the intensity and odor of gas. MEAL SIZE Adjusting the size and frequency of your meals also might help reduce problems with pregnancy gas. Sticking to just three large meals increases the work for your digestive tract, increasing the risks for gas . MEAL POSITION The way you eat your meals also can affect how much gas is produced. Limit the time you spend lying down and eating. Instead, get in a seated position while you eat, and stay seated immediately after eating to help digestion and reduce the risk of gas. Several other eating and drinking habits can be introduced to help reduce gas. MEDICATION For serious gas, your doctor might be prescribe an anti-gas medication. Do not take an over-the-counter medication for gas unless told to by your doctor, as even over-the-counter medications might have an impact on your pregnancy
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Question: My 5th month is running and I feel so much tightness in my stomach at every morning since 5-6days
Answer: Hello dear in early pregnancy the stretching of ligaments is responsible for abdominal tightening. As the baby grow and demand more space, the uterus stretch it self pushing the other organs. Because of this the stomach become hard and tight. In late pregnancy the movement of the baby can result in tightening. As the pregnancy grow uterus stretch and baby grow too demand more space. And abdominal space is shared by your organs and growing baby. So abdominal tightening is normal.
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Question: Why do i feel vaginal heaviness in 5th month?
Answer: Hello dear it is quite normal to have a pressure at vagina as baby grows , ur uterus also streches.. so as far as my experienced say, there is nothing to worry about..during pregnancy body goes through so many changes and pains here and there and heaviness is also part and parcel of pregnancy.. if there is nothing really strange then you can just ignore it or you can just consult your doctor too.. hope it helps.. all the best
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Question: My 8th month is running i feel tightness in my stomach is there any complication
Answer: Hi,don't worry this could be due to expansion of uterus or it can be due to gas don't worry.tru this Have fibrous food like green vegetables and carrots Have nuts like figs and prunes Have adequately water intake and juices and soups Have peppermint This should help
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