4 months old baby

Question: Hi. My 4th months baby who is given. With some antibiotics at the time of birth due some redspots on skin. For 5 days... Is there will b any side-effects for having that. R any indigestion r gas problem with that.

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Answer: no dear I don't think that any side effects should be there because of antibiotics. if he has any indigestion or gas problem then as you know the baby has just entered the new world!his tiny immature GIT needs time to adapt to the sudden feeding sessions and breast milk/formula milk and other changes.Try these tips:Hing paste-hing and water (boil it together) and apply around navel are in circular motion. Massage tummy with warm oil daily for 5 mins, Leg exercises by holding your baby's legs and moving them in cycling motion, Burp-holp your baby,with head on shoulder and slowly pat his back for 15-20 mins atleast-even if he burps in first few minutes Make sure you feed your baby at slightly elevated angle These tips should definitely help your baby and prevent further gas problems
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Question: Hello doctor..is there any possibility r side effects of medicines on skin because my skin is getting dark from last 1week
Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,dark spots on part of body and face is a symptom of pigmentation.this usually happens in pregnancy and the hormones are to be blamed. Do not worry they go off post delivery.pigmentation on face needs to be treated with cucumber face packs.you can grate cucumber and strain the juice out,mix it with multani mitti and apply twice a week. Sandalwood paste would also be beneficial. Potato juice and rubbing slice of tomato could also help in pigmentation. Yogurt with besan can be applied twice a week to the affected area.use suncreen while you step out of house.as sun rays could really harm your skin especially during pregnancy,as skin b comes too sensitive.
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Question: My baby has the asthma tendency.. so if she gets cough will not be cured easily antibiotics has to be given... My question is how often can we give antibiotis. Do we have any side effects with this antibiotics.
Answer: Try some home remedies like five like warm water , 2. Crush ginger ,take half spoon of crushed ginger,3-4 clove, soof and boil them in one glass of water .when water become lil green then make it lil Luke warm and give this atleast 4-5 times in a day. 3 hot oil massage ,apply viks on baby foot and cover with socks,apply viks on baby chest and back and cov r with blanket . preferred to do this when baby fall asleep. 4.take 4-5 Pipli (available any pansari shop)3-4 clove.roast them together on tavva when it become black then stir them for a while .grind them and make it power form and add honey .save this in a jar and give 1/2 spoon with Luke warm.water in a day.gibe atleast 4-5 day regularly and you can see the result. Hope it will be helpful
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Question: Is anyone there who has given birth normally on their due date or 1 day before their due date some one answer plz
Answer: Hi, yes it is absolutely possible that you can give a go into labour and give a birth normally as vaginal delivery even on the date of the due date there is nothing to worry it is possible sometimes the doctor can also wait for one or two days if he is expecting to get the into normal delivery and it is also possible to get normal delivery after one or two days of crossing the due date as well
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