3 months old baby

Hi my 4 month boy vomting milk

Hi,if this is after every feed and if the baby is vomiting everything out than you should consult tour Dr as it could be due to indigestion. In the mean while you should have this. Have ginger honey paste one teaspoon Have light food like Dal oh Aboid spicy food Have promenate This will help
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    Naman Gaikwad45 days ago


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Question: My 4 months 8 days baby is vomting milk more freqently what can i do
Answer: It happens in some babies...burb u'r baby after each feeding..and try to give some belly time for u'r baby...it will help u'r baby from gastric irritation..
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Question: Ma baby rojuki 4 or 5 times motion velitundi and milk vomting chestundi edi emaina problem
Answer: Idi gas formation valla jaruguthundandi Palu thageppudu edchinappudu gas ekkuva lopaliki velthundi Meeru theskune Aharam lo araganivi undi meeku indigestion gas vachina kuda baby ku gas vasthundi masala kharam thinte kuda vasthundi Meeru alanti aharam konni rojulu thesukoradandi Neellu baga thagandi baby ku palu iche mundu Baby pottaku baga oil tho massage cheyandi Kallu cycle thokkuthunnatlu exercise cheyinchandi Palu thapaka baga thattandi Thalli palu thage bidda rojuku padi sarlu lose motion cheyatam varaku mamule ani ma doctor chepparu Bhayapadalsina pani ledandi Take care
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Question: My babby four month he vomting feeding milk four five times heavely pls help me
Answer: Hello Dear It's normal for babies to vomit as their bodies adjust to feeding. They bring up small amounts of milk when they burp, which is known as possetting. They do have gastric reflux Which may cause baby to bring up a little milk after a feed, and can also give her hiccups, baby cough after bringing up milk if it gone wrong way This is normal as long as your baby is well, you don't need to worry. Baby will be irritable and will sometimes feed poorly due to reflux. But she soon outgrow this problem as her digestive system matures. *Keep her as upright as possible during feeds and immediately after. *Feed in small quantities and more frequently. *Keep her head and shoulders slightly raised as she sleeps. *Burp her during her feeds as well as right after her feed. check with your doctor first He will tell you whether it is a case of reflux in the first place and the best remedy for your baby.
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