2 months old baby

Question: Hi frnds..my 2 months old baby farting alot..is it normal ? Am so worried..pls help me..farting alot is good sign or bad sign

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Question: My 8 months old daughter's head sweat alot even when the weather is fine. I am worried. Anyone please help me whether it is normal or not.
Answer: Hi dear. don't worry dear in babies sweat glands and more active that's why your baby is hurting more and you must be observing this is sweating during breastfeeding and it is because the breastfeeding need sucking and sucking need much energy which is making your baby sweat a lot . but if she is a really sweating too much then you must discuss the thing once with your doctor
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Question: My baby is 2 months old, she is farting very often and it is smells bad, is it normal?
Answer: The simplest to the most complex causes could include the mother digesting foods that produce gas, intake of gas while feeding, eating certain foods sooner than the system can handle, citrus juices, or increased crying. Although these are among the most common causes, each baby is different and it is quite understandable for parents to want to be certain that there are no health issues surrounding the farts. Primarily, growing babies will fart often without any connection to illness or health matters. This is not a sign of a sick child, nor does it mean that he’s intolerable of what he’s being fed. Many parents assume the food doesn’t agree with the baby and rush to find a new formula or baby food. This is not necessary, as the farting only means that your child is passing out the gas that is lodged in him and that’s a good thing As a general rule, always observe the way your baby acts, his behavior is a key indicator that something is off or he doesn’t feel well. If you notice that your baby is typically a happy child and fusses only when he farts, this is completely normal and you should not worry. Disregard those strange faces made when passing gas or the red sensation of the skin tone, especially if they have happy attitudes at all other times. 
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Question: I am farting alot is it normal?
Answer: Hi congrats, The hormone which is called sterone causes gas during pregnancy....as your body produces more sterone to support your pregnancy your muscles relax and gas is formed which led to bloating, burping and flatulence which is quite normal....if your feeling uncomfortable and irritated which is bearable then it's ok if not request you to consult your doctor....take care👍😃
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