Few days old baby

Question: Hi,naku 9 month complete ayindi but naku labour pains lauv,em chayali

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Answer: 9 months aiyina em problem ledhu 40 weeks leka 10 months complete aiyinaka pains ostayi in case raka pothe doctor injection istaru pains ki
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Question: Hi naku yesterday baby moment ardham ayindi kadhulthunatu anipinchindi kani e roju eeee feeling ledhu em kadhalatledhu em problem ledhu kada baby ki
Answer: Hi mam congratulations, Don't worry adhi yami kadhu maa muluga 5th month nuchi baby movement's thelusthi,mee ala vunna yami problem ladhu tension padakandi,food bagas thisukondi,rest thisukondi.take care
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Question: Naku 5 month start ayindi kani baby movement teliyata ledu naku first pregnancy edi
Answer: You will feel more than 20 baby movements in a day they will be slide fluttering movement or slightly movement or even baby rotation or light kicks. baby movements all felt most prominent Lee after 20th week of pregnancy if you feel your baby is not moving at all or you cannot feel any of the movements mentioned above then you should visit your gynecologist once to get a manual check up. your gynecologist will put a stethoscope on your tummy and will check for baby's Heartbeat if she can hear it properly she will send you home but if there is any discrepancy she will ask for a non stress test which will identify your baby's Heartbeat and will note the fetal movements. do not worry
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Question: Hii naku breathing problem ga undhi naku Eppudu 9 months and Em ina prblm Avuthunda
Answer: Hi dear, Feeling breathlessness is a common concern in pregnancy.initial stages of pregnancy breathless ness is due to hormone progesterone.which changes the way your body us d to absorb oxygen.later stages,growth of baby can press and put pressure on diaphragm there by problem in breathing.not to worry and try to stay calm.divert your mind.
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