6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi moms, Today as my doc checked through scanning for the very first time, saw embryo inside the uterus . But she said, heart beat is not there, she presribed medicines, not to abort. Im 6 weeks prgnant. Please help me with your experiences

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Answer: dont wry its early pregncy scan u cn wait for 8-10 week
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Question: Hello....last time i got aborted because baby is not there due to chromosome defects.Now im 8week pregnant.Morning i have seen a doctor interview regarding this genetic defects..During last scan doctor said that everything is fine.My husbands sperm count is low that is 30percent...he used medicines for 3 months and in the 3rd month i am confirmed with pregnancy.so my doubt is will my child have any kind of these genetic problems in the future or as he used medicines everything will be alright??Do i have to confirm with doctor regarding this? Or she will only let mr know if any of these problem exists..pls let me know.i want to have a healthy baby this time.
Answer: Surely u will have healthy baby miscarriage takes place in early pregnancy if there's chromosomal abnormalities n in future through scan u will be able to come to know about proper development of ur baby like in nt scan, double marker test around 12-13 weeks then anomaly scan around 19-20 weeks, triple marker etc keep consulting ur doctor
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