Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi moms....since from yesterday nyt my ryt breast is heavy n upper part of my breast swollen inside I dnt know what it is its paining alot ...m feeling lyk a lump inside ....... My baby is 14 months old .....pls suggest wat to do

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Answer: hi
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Question: Hi, its been 14 weeks. Initially my breast size was 33 n now its 37.8 feeling too heavy n at time its paining as well. Any suggestions?
Answer: Hello dear its normal during pregnancy breasts size increase. The most important function of your breasts is to feed your baby after delivery. For this reason, your breasts are gradually prepared by your body during the pregnancy period. During pregnancy, milk-producing cells and milk-ducts are formed. This eventually causes an increase in the size of your breasts. Due to this, you will see a very visible change in both the size and shape of your breasts. your breasts continue this process of growing to about a cup size in the initial three months of maternity. These combined factors ultimately cause a pain in the breast. 1.During your pregnancy, make sure you carefully choose your inner garments, especially your bra to make sure that they support your breasts properly. 2. 2.Keep a track of your breast size as you may see significant changes and accordingly get a new bra every time you feel the need for one.
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