40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi moms.... Now I am 35 weeks pregnant. From 3 weeks I am having lot of pain in pelvics region and mostly joints pain is unbearable sometimes. In day itself am facing problem while walking, sitting n all. Mostly In nt I can't even move my legs n face very difficulty during turning from side even. Dr told it's may be due to continuous pregnancy without gap. Dr said it's common n suggested to take calcium tab and consume lot of water. My BP level is low during pregnancy. Dr suggested to have Coconut water. I am having sinus problem. Can I consume coconut water. Pls suggest me how to get relief from this pain.

2 Answers
Answer: Pain in ur pelvic is normal dear as u r 9mnth pregnant so ur pelvic region is expanding to delivery a baby as d tym is near. Due to joint hip pain u cant turn to sides dear fr tat u can keep hot water bag daily to release d pain. If pain is unbearable den kindly consult ur doc she might prescribe u pain killer fr time being
Answer: thanksss