Few days old baby

Question: Hi moms my lill one is 3 months old from yesterday she is having loosu stools..after every feed she goes thrice. as per doc advice am giving bifilac ..anyone has come across this problem ..how long will it take to solve

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Answer: Loosu mean ? If it's a liqd typ of stool den,u can stop to feed BM continuously, feed zerolac 1_3 tym, n BM lil bit of tym. When u feed ur baby BM, u can press out some BM n den u shd feed.
Answer: Please conslt your doctor for this
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Question: Dr my TSH has come out to be 4.88 and my doc has prescribed me eltroxin 25 mg . Is it safe to take? And for how long i will have to take it?
Answer: I also had but mine was 28.and doctor told the target is 2.i I take thyroxyn tab.no problem you have to take this medicine because that will affect the baby.so definitely gynecologist will give medicine ..nothing to worry.i used to eat the tablet with iron calcium etc
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Question: My wife is having cough and fever doc advised to take Ascorill and cefloxcin along with okaset is that good have the medicines as she has feed the baby..Please advice
Answer: It is true that medicine should be avoided as much as possible but since your wife is having fever and this can be due to a viral or bacterial infection the doctor has given safe medicines she could have done but just best to try home remedies first. not in your case
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Question: My baby is 11 months old...she passes motions after every feed...the motions appear as per the feed she has...but is it normal to pass motions after every feed? this creates severe reddening around the anus which hurts my baby...more over she doesnt ahve teeth yet...im fed up visiting doctors every 15 days...pl help
Answer: It is not normal.. Food takes up-to 4/5 hrs to digest .. Your baby's digestive system is not working right.. Get medications from a pediatrician first.. Apply itch cream to the affected area.. U can also apply Johnson's bby cream
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