14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi moms my double marker test is screen negative , but PAPP-A value is 0.4666 MoM and is 1.892IU/I... no idea what does it mean .. is everything all ryt? Nt scan value is 1.5 and nasal bone was present ..Please help me ..is everything ok? i have an appointment with gyno on friday but i am very anxious to know hence asked

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Answer: there is no experts here....google ke copy paste answers milte h ynha..😁
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Question: my doctor asked me for quadruple test......my double marker test report is.......free b hcg is 0.446 MoM papp-a is 0.191 MoM.......is everything normal?
Answer: The test is a screening test only, and is not 100% accurate. ... The fact that it is not 100% accurate means that not all women who have a positive high risk result on the quad screen will have a fetus with a birth defect, and the test may also be normal even in the presence of birth defects. It's important to remember that a quadruple screening test is simply a screening test. The test uses four chemical markers made by the pregnancy plus your age to assess your personal risk. For example, an increased risk for Downs syndrome could be 1 in a 100 based on the test. This is saying there is a 1 percent chance your baby has Downs syndrome and a 99 percent chance that it doesn’t. You need to remember that an abnormal test certainly doesn't mean your baby has a chromosomal issue and a normal test doesn't mean there is nothing to worry about either. These tests are very useful to us as physicians as it allows us to focus on the children that have a slightly greater risk for having the anomaly so we can explore the potential issues further. Instead of asking if your test was normal, you should ask what your risk is. The normal result for Double Marker for Free Beta hCG is 25700-288000 mIU/ml for Female gender and for All age groups. PAPP-A (pregnancy assosciated plasma protein A) is 1 MoM (multiple of median) for Female gender and for All age groups. so its better to talk with your doctor about this.. trust and follow your doctor suggestion..
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Question: My lmp was on 24th September...i did my double marker test... My PAPP-A value is 1.57,free BHCG Mom value is 0.74 and NT Mom is 0.51.is this normal or what
Answer: what is the report saying it must have concluded below
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Question: Hello today my doctor did NT scane ND he said not visible nasal bone ND asked for double marker is anything worry about pls reply
Answer: hi dear nothing to worry sometimes in the scanning will not be clear after 2-3 weeks you can repeat the scanning or if you do the double Marker test you can not the correct result but there is nothing to worry dear stay positive
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