11 months old baby

Question: Hi moms..Im a working mother. How long do i breast feed my baby?

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Answer: Hello dear As ur baby is now 11 months old and u already have started giving solid food so the timing of breastfeed can be decreased. Now, u can breastfeed ur baby for atleast 10 to 15 minutes at a time.
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    Sinipa Govekar50 days ago

    Hi evn im a working mom.. I use to breast b4 leaving for work n immediately aftr coming back.. but i observed my LO is becoming weak n low in his immunity.. simaltaniously my milk supply drastically came down.. Than i started pumping during my office hours .. right now.. I breastfeed whenever im at home.. n pump n store the milk whenever i go for work

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Question: Im a mother of 12 days baby. How i can increase my breast milk.i cant feed.
Answer: Hello dear... To increase breastmilk, include these foods in your diet, it might be helpful for you... Oats Whole wheat Fruits Veggies Dry fruits Milk Meat Dryfish Garlic Cumin Fenugreek
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Question: How long mother needs to breast feed the baby?
Answer: There is no rule that u have to feed ur baby only till a specific time. It depends upon the mother's capacity of giving milk and baby's interest. But surely for the starting 6 months baby is to be feeded only by mother's milk. In this stage no outside food is allowed except water that too if necessary. Later on from the 6th month u can feed ur Baby with boiled by vegetables and some fruits. U can even feed cerelac for ur growing baby. And then if ur baby is healthy and eats outside food properly u can happily practice stopping breast feeding.
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Question: Can i store breastfeed feed as i m working mother. For how long i can store?
Answer: Hi Dear. Yes you can. Freshly expressed breast milk can be stored in an insulated cooler with ice packs for up to one day. Refrigerator. Freshly expressed breast milk can be stored in the back of the refrigerator for up to five days in clean conditions. However, use or freezer storage within three days is optimal. Take care.
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