19 months old baby

Question: Hi mommies..my baby is 18month old she is going potty daily but still she strains whenever she goes potty..it makes me worry. plz suggest some remedies to make her strain free

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Answer: Dear its due to constipation..my baby also have same constipation .his eyes became watery . My friends advised to boil a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water. Cool and strain the decoction and give this to baby three to four times a day.papaya, prunes nd apple juice is also helpful. U can try it akso nd massage to ur babies tummy in circular motion nd leg cycling nd 3 to 4 ounces water in 24 hours also works .try itBoil one small tomato with one cup of water. Cool and strain the mixture. Give three to four spoons of this juice to your baby on a daily basis to avoid constipation.
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Question: My baby is 16months old and she is having cough.. please suggest some home remedies to relieve her cough
Answer: Hi dear its due to seasonal change so , bath wit warm water, avoid sleeping in ac ,give steam twice a day ,Put 1 1 drop nasoclear into nose twice a day .Warm a cup of mustard oil with two cloves of garlic and a few kalonji seeds assage this infused oil onto your baby’s feet, chest, back, and palms.give turmeric milk , .avoid giving banana nd curd too ,give soup its safe, try itcool-mist humidifier will create moisture in the air and clear out the congestion in your baby’s nasal passage. A generous pinch of dry ginger powder with a tablespoon of honey is a great remedy for a cough. take care
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Question: My baby is going to b 4 months old on this 18th bit his head is not stable still is it normal when i make her seat she seats but her goes here n there plz let me know
Answer: Do you really expect that a four months old baby will seat a stability that's not compulsory. Keep your baby on tummy for sometime daily as it help to strengthen the back. Hope it will help. Don't worry.
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Question: My baby is 18month old but her height is short.plz suggest how to increase her height
Answer: She is too young now wait for few years her height will grow nothing to worry about height it may be hereditary
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