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Question: hi mommies... we can use diapers for New born baby.. is it safe or it can produce heat?

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Answer: Please don't use diapers unless it is utmost necessity. An average baby uses 7-8 diapers in a day which means that the diaper is used for almost 24 hours a day. During this time diapers comes in a direct and constant contact with skin of baby which means that any toxic chemicals present inside the diapers can easily enter in your baby’s system if he or she wears disposable diapers all the time. That is the reason ‘free time’ or ‘no diaper time’is constantly advised. All babies, especially newborns have very sensitive skin and use of any type of diaper can affect their skin. There are many cases where dyes, chemicals, gels, synthetic material that enhance the absorbency of the diapers can actually be a cause of skin allergy in the baby. Also, you have to be extra careful when you start weaning your baby as the content and frequency of baby’s poo can also develop skin rash or allergic reaction in them. When the baby pees in the diaper- the substance which prevents the pee to leak from the diaper also prevents the air circulation inside it. Due to which the environment inside the diaper becomes warm and moist where bacteria and fungi can grow and which in turn can cause skin infections in your baby. Toilet training usually involves certain sounds, cues and signals between parents and baby so that their child can learn to use the toilet for urination and defecation purpose. But in recent times use of disposable diapers have increased the period of child in diapers for a longer period of time as baby feels quite comfortable in diapers and moms and dads also don’t push them for the potty training. Thus this potty training lesson which was generally started earlier in past may get lost in modern times due to the use of these ultra-absorbing diapers.
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Question: hi,can we use diapers for new born baby...
Answer: yes you can use with some precautions change diaper after three to four hours if baby does potty you need to change immediately since its main cause of infection clean the area well before and after using diaper and apply rash cream it helps to prevent from rashes give some free time without diaper
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