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Question: Hi mommies. My baby s 25 days old now. She had jaundice 11 point when she was 4 days old and kept in phototherapy but now her eyes s looking mild yellowish. Is it normal ?

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Answer: Make your baby sit under Sun rays early mrng if possible. She would become normal. When my baby was born jaundice was 23 she was under phototheraphy for 3 days. After coming home we fixed 60 volts bulb in our bedroom so tht the rays of tht bulb shuld fall on baby.as doctor said tht the bulb will give effect same as sunrays
Answer: hanks youuu..
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Question: My baby is7days old... When she was 4 days old she had jaundice 17.39gm.... we consulted our doctor he told baby need phototherapy..... Now she was 7days old.... Now jaundice 12.3gms.... is it safe or not
Answer: It's nothing to worry..it's normal level.do one thing early morning sun light is very gud remedy for this..put your baby to sun light in the morning for 20 mints it's enough..
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