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Question: Hi..mommies! ! My baby is 4 weeks old. I am getting mixed opinion from people about the duration and time gap between feeds. Some says feed on demand and other says to set a routine feed her in a regular interval. Some says let her give your feed until she stops having and other says give it for 15-20mins..not more than that. Can everyone suggests what's right??

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Answer: She is one month or above then u can feed on demand specially in night..other time u can give whenever u feel she is hungry..it can b 2 hrs or it can b half n hr..dont fix schedule even for feeding duration.... she ll stop feeding or fall in sleep when she ll b full...
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Question: My baby girl is 82 days old now. And she has started sleeping through the nights.last night she slept for 6.5 hours straight and there was a gap of 7 hours between the next feed. Then again she slept after her morning Feed. She has started nursing for lesser time than usual now. Is this normal? I read that if we give too long a gap between feeds, baby's glucose levels might go down? Im afraid of that. Can you clarify pls?
Answer: Baby bahut chota h.. so night me soye hue me hi feed de use baby will take..
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