13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mommies. I want to know your opinion about breast pumps. Does that increase milk supply? And which one is better, manual or electric??

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Answer: Hello dear Breast pump is very useful and safe for mothers whose milk Supply is more and because of which lump is made and also it is best for the working mothers. It comes in two form : Manual pump Electric pump The sucking power of manual is less than electric pump. So,u can go for electric one.
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    Priya Chugh26 days ago

    Thanks for your response

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Question: Hi are breast pumps useful , which one is better manual or electric
Answer: Hello, Dear they are really helpful. I used one also the manual one. It helps to control the pressure . Its completely your choice which one you like ok. Some mom's feel manual good and some electric so it's completely your choice both are good.. You must add yourself to chat group here in App and share your experiences and know other mom's experience. That is quite helpful..
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Question: Which breast pumps are better.. Manual or electric ones?? N which is the brand in manual n electric would you suggest
Answer: Manual needs manual efforts and I didn't find them helpful however electric pumps are better to use. Madela is good brand.
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Question: What are advantages of breast pump? Which is better manual or electric?
Answer: Hi dear, Breast pump is used for moms who cannot breastfeed their baby due to lot of reasons.some working mothers who cannot breastfeed,they would express milk using pump and store in feeding bottles.breast pump also helps in increasing breastmilk as some babies have latching issue initially and will suck less milk there by decreasing the milk supply.breastpump helps in such cases. Some women have breast engorgement issues ,due to excess breastmilk in breast.pump helps to take out that excess amount.i had used electric one,but felt manual better.unless it is really required,it's better to breastfeed baby directly.i also used to use my own hands to express milk.tht way it was in my control compare to electric ones.as it was uncomfortable for me.i had used pigeon brand.
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