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Question: Hi Mommies, I m 30 week pregnant. I have gestational diebetes. During 19 week it was diagnosed . I was using Glycomet 500 daily and was on diet as well. Now in 28 week I had glucose test again and valus are fasting 75 , after 1 hr of 75 gm glucose 134 and after 2 hr 120. So now values are in control do I still need to follow my diet like no sugar, rice, potato, maida, backery items

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Answer: Yes dear.... diabetes can be kept under control during pregnancy through diet and medication dear...so please continue with your diet until your gynecologist says otherwise..
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    Harshada NT451 days ago

    Yes thank you for suggesting

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Question: Dear friends, I taken GCT test on 2nd month it's shown normal value then 5th month taken normal blood sugar test that also normal now 7th month doctor recommended to take again GCT test it's show before fasting normal but after glucose taken shows 244 ( 1 HR) & 202 ( 2 HR) so I don't know whether Gct test is require in this month or not.. Yes means how to control this sugar level
Answer: GCT test required or not is not the question...the thing is GCT is abnormal..values are high..it means ur suffering frm gestational diabetes..n u have to take oral hypoglycemic drugs or insulin to decrease this glucose levels..coz high glucose affect baby and delivery..u must be having family history of diabetes or doc must hve suspected diabetes in u in future hence he advised repeat GCT..
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Question: Today I have done with glucose tolerance test it shows 72mg/dl fasting and after 75mg glucose 148mg/dl..is it ok..or I have to use tablets or diet is enough..because it is in border level.please suggest me anyone faced it..
Answer: Hi dear, 148 is above the border line.but only diet is enough no need of any medicines.please take care about yourself.go for a walk atleast 1 hour in a day,have frequent and small meals.you can take fruits which contains low carbohydrates.avoid extra added sugars and choclates, sweets,icecreams.have protein diet.keep observing baby movements.
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Question: Hello...i am in my 28th week of pregnancy...today m done with glucose test.....my fasting sugar test was slightly above normal i.e. 94.9 mg/dL....normal is below 92mg/dL....other test were normal (which were after glucose drink) in the interval of 1 hr and 2 hr....i want want to ask whether i should be concern, is ot dangerous for my baby ?did i need to take any precautions?... please guide
Answer: No your sugar levels are normal. So don't worry at all.
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