1 months old baby

Question: HI mommies... Gv reviews of AVEENO products... Any one using these products... How is it...

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Answer: I love it. Have been using it rather still use it.
Answer: thank youu..
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Question: Is it safe to use Johnson n Johnson products.. Till now I am using these products only....Can I switch on to any other best products my baby
Answer: All baby products are safe, they are manufactured in such away that they should not cause any harm to sensitive skin of babies on usage Selection and changing baby products is completely depends upon your decision
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Question: Hi Mommies can any one explains what are the side effects of using soother for two month baby ??
Answer: 1. The babies get habitual of having soother and its difficult to get rid of the habit. 2. If nipple is too hard it has adverse effect on teeth structure. It might cause cavities 3. It very easy to catch infection if not sterlised properly.
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Question: my baby boy was 37 days old we are using Himalaya products for oil massage , bath soap n powder how to know these products suits him are not any symptoms that these products are suits him are not
Answer: U should basically see if your baby has any rashes or pathes on skin,if the complexion of your baby is getting darker or is normal. These are the only reactions we look for.
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Question: Any mommies used sebamed baby products, is that good
Answer: hi yes these products are good and safe and as child skin friendly you can use it but it is better to use under the consultation of a doctor
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