37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Mommies Can anyone tell me if C section will be painful? How many do we feel difficulty after c section and how to handle it. Please tell me.

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Answer: Both normal and c section are painful. Normal delivery will be painful during labour and episiotomy stitches will be painful for a week and there will be discomfort for a month. C section will be painful after the baby is born till the stitches are healed and it requires sedatives for a few days to sleep. In c section you have to endure pain longer. Anyway but whatever is medically required, it should be done.
Answer: I have expirenced No difficulty in c section.i took rest for one month .ate all types of vegetable n fruits .I m healthy.
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Question: Hi Usually at what week do doctor prefer to induce pains and how it be after and can anyone please tell me delivery process.
Answer: When a woman and her fetus are healthy, induction should not be done before 39 weeks. Babies born at or after 39 weeks have the best chance at healthy outcomes compared with babies born before 39 weeks. When the health of a woman or her fetus is at risk, induction before 39 weeks may be recommended.
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Question: Hello mommies can anyone please tell me how to feel heartbeat of baby. Because I dont know how to feel. Please tell me
Answer: Here after you're going to fel the baby keep talking to baby. Sit in a silent place and keep both your hands in your belly and feel it
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Question: How many days after c section we can sex
Answer: After C-section you can have sex After 2-3 month. at this time your bleeding has finished and your outer stitches will also heal.
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