8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mom's sometimes m feel itching on my tummy or breast...i rashed it ..bt itching is occured on 8 month..so now?is it normal or winter dryness...wht should to apply

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Answer: Hi Dear U seem to be pregnant fr 8 weeks as per profile but u r saying 8 months pls correct the data if needed and coming to itching part yes its common to itch and usually ita due to.dryness and the weather pls keep applying coconut oil and moisturizer , hv a lot of water, coconut water, fresh juice to keep hydrated..if dont subside pls report to ur Dr. Hops this helps!
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Question: Hi , i m 15 week pregnant ... I m having dryness and itching problem ... Is dis normal and what should i apply on dryness ?
Answer: Apply a mix of coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil in equal measure. Use this twice a day. It will provide relief. As your skin is stretching it's getting dry due to wch you are experiencing itchiness. Other than this keep yourself hydrated, add foods wch are rich in omega 3 and natural oils this will maintain the elasticity of the skin. If itchiness persists then you can get your liver checked as sometimes due to liver infection one might feel itchiness all over body. take care.
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Question: Hi, sometimes i feel lower abdomen itching.. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear, If you have too much itching, consult your gyno, it could be lack of vitamins. Otherwise some itching is normal in pregnancy because of expending uterus, try to take more liquid diet and water, and apply any lotion on it. 
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Question: I am feeling itching on my breast sometimes during my pregnancy ....is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear... Itching on breast is normal, it happen due to harmonal changes, fat deposit, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Reduce salt intake Drink more water Apply coconut oil Apply aloecera gel Don't rub
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