16 months old baby

Question: Hi mom my daughter s 14 month old in her tongue white colour marks as cum wat to do plz help

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Answer: Hello! White marks are probably milk deposits. Take a muslin cloth, wet it and gently rub over the tongue to clean it. Take care
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Question: Hi doctor... How to remove white colour from my baby tongue he s 3 month old
Answer: Apply candid mouth paint a Lil bit and clean very carefully
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Question: My 14 month old daughter has got rashes in her diaper area.what to do
Answer: Hello First v need to see the reason y the rashes happen. It's mostly due to irritants in the urine or poo. It could also happen due to new food. New detergents sensitive skin a very tite diaper anti biotics taken by the nursing mom or baby. Give the baby some nappy free time so baby s nappy s area gets fresh air. Do not use a tite diaper. Change baby s diaper often be vigilant so u can change the diaper as soon as it's pooped. Avoid fragranced products. Putting on a plastic pant over a diaper can cause a hot environment.
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Question: Her tongue is having a white layer wat is the reason i clean her tongue with cloth but tat white layer is not going. Wat to do
Answer: Everything we do its some or the other way goes to baby's mind..
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Question: My baby is 1years old her face colour is white but in winters her colour is dull knw wat to do plx tel me
Answer: It's common in winter to everyone.. Use Bassan floor with curd n sugar for washing
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