10 months old baby

Question: Hi meri 9month ka baby jo khana khate hei potty karta hai kabhi kabhi toh khate khate hei potty karde ta hai kya karu????

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Answer: Hello dear Ur baby digestion is not developed till now, thats why he is eating and passing motion. I would advise you to have Dashmularisht which is good for digestion that indirectly would go to baby through your milk, also u can have ajwain,saunf after every meal that would keep you n baby free from digestion problems.
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    Manisha Pradhan58 days ago

    Thank you soooo much

Answer: Hello , yeh to normal hai bacche khane ke baad potty karna bahut hi aam baat hai magar aap bacche ka diet is bare mein bhi thoda khayal rakhe zyada spicy ya theeka khana mat khilana aap aur aap diet bhi change karke dekh sakte ho ki potty ka problem kam hota hai ki nehi karke .
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Question: Hello, mera baby khana khate khate kabhi vomit kar deta hai?? Kya karu
Answer: That's because it would have become too much for him or he would have gagged If it's too frequent visit your doctor
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Question: Mera baby 5 week ka ho Gaya hai wo Jada potty karta hai . milk pitehi potty karta hai Kay karu
Answer: Infants older than eight weeks often go 4 or 5 days without a dirty diaper, and it doesn't mean they are constipated. Breastfed babies, especially if they have not started solid foods, can easily go two weeks without a poopy diaper once they are 2-3 monthsold. newborns can have tiny, frequent poops. But, if you notice your newborn isn't going at least once a day, or he's pooping more oftenthan he's eating, call your doctor. As time marches on, your baby will poop less often. Formula-fed babies go about once a day, but this may be different for each child. When a breastfed baby has a bowel movement after nearly every feeding during the first few weeks, it's a good sign – it means he's getting plenty of milk. Formula-fed babies often have bowel movements less frequently than breastfed babies. But it's normal for them to poop after every feeding as well
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Question: Mera beta 9 months ka hai.....potty nhi karta karta hai to bahot taklif hoti hai use bahut hard potty karta hai kya karu
Answer: Hi dear,aapke baby ko constipation ki problem.hain.aao yeh try kijiye Aap use warm water dijiye Aap papaya Banana. Figs Prunes and Dates dijiye Carrot juice and Veg soup ,spinach soup dijiye Usse baby ko constipation mein relief milegay Take care
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