Question: hi meri baby upar ka kuch kha Hi rehi ni h plz hlp kya karu mai 7mths ki h pehala thoda formula milk , lati thi but ab oh bhi ni leti

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Answer: Kayi bache solid jaldi adopt nahi karte unko time lagta hai r kayi baar hum unhe grinded food dene ki bajay hum of chunky food dene lagte hai. 6 Months ke baad babies ka hb level b down hota hai to usko loss of appetite b hota h . Apko dhyan rakhna h thoda thoda kar ke kayi baar khilana h . Uski diet ka khayal rakhiye warna baby weak hoga r low immunity hogi. Bache to nahi khate but hume koshish karte rehna h . Uska taste texture sab pehchaniye r dekhiye kya pasand h use.
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    Kanchan Sharma848 days ago

    mera beta bhi kuch nahi khata wo toah mother feed bhi 5 to10 minute hi leta h ik baar main

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Question: Meri beti ajkl bilkul bhi ni kha rhi h..phle mai jo bhi khilati thi sab kha leti thi..but ab jo bhi deti hu ek do bite k bad refuse krne lagti h ..phle apple, banana, potatoes, cerlac, dal sab kha leti thi but ab kuchh bhi ni leti bas mera dhoodh peeti h.. kya karu
Answer: Hiii.. my baby is also doing the same.. may e its a teething problem. . In this stage.. they dont feel good as well.... try to give them something different
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Question: Hi, meri beti 1 year 9 months ki h woh kuch bhi nahi khati milk bhi nahi lati sirf breastfeed per depend h Kya karu plz suggest me
Answer: You can offer your kids different kinds of foods such as 1.Home made Vegetable soup Boil any vegetable or all with tomato grind to paste add water corn flour one spoon mixed with water paste salt jaggery pepper powder garnish with rusk peices 2.Home made wheat flour pizza Roll what dough into flat apply tomato sauce place veggies of your choice sprinkle salt put cheese and you can bake in cooker 3.Home made wheat pasta Boil pasta with water and salt rest prepare vegetables like soup but don't add water in pan add butter add vegetable cooked pasta mix and garnish with coriander 4.Burgers Grate all vegetables like onion carrot cabbage capsicum onion tomato fry in a pan using butter add tomato sauce coriander powder salt fry bun put this curry and serve You can try all kinds of foods home made with wheat replacement such as cookies Give good amount of fruits dry fruits Ragi malt is very good for haemoglobin and immunity development You can give it in form of porridge or ragi ball Try different kinds of foods so you understand what they like to eat
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Question: Mera beta 1year 4 month ka h wo upar ka milk pina hi ni chahta Or kuch khata bhi ni h
Answer: Once your child starts to drink milk with this dry fruit powder you will be satisfied that you have put in the efforts to make this at the first place. Ingredients Required Almonds – 1 cup Cashew – 1 cup Pista – 1 cup Peanut – 1/2 cup Dry ginger – 2 to 3 inch How To Prepare Dry Fruit Powder Mix at Home? Dry roast nuts one by one till it attains a crunchy texture Crush dry ginger and heat it for a few seconds. Let the dry fruits and dry ginger cool a bit Powder it in a mill/mixie. It will not be a very fine powder but a slightly coarse one. Store the powder mix in an airtight container once it is completely cool. Things to take care The powder will be coarse in nature. Don’t over grind the nuts as it will start separating oils and the mixture will become oily and too much sticky. Use the pulse mode to powder if you are using a mixie. Powder the nuts mixture in intervals and not at a single stretch. You can also add cardamom to this mix. It gives a good aroma. Dry fruits like walnut, hazelnuts etc. can also be added. A pinch of saffron can enhance the flavor and color and this can also be used if you want. Peel peanut skin and remove pistachio from shell before making You don’t have to soak and peel almonds. You can powder it as it is after dry roasting. You can use dry ginger powder instead of the dry ginger piece. This powder mix can be given to babies above 10 months. Make sure that your baby is not allergic to nuts and each of the ingredients used to make this powder mix is introduced separately to the baby. Always follow the 3 days golden rule when you introduce anything new. How to make dry fruit powder milk? Dilute 1:1 ratio of milk and water. Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of dry fruit powder mix and add it to milk without any lumps. Turn on the stove and let the milk boil. You can add jaggery powder or sugar to this dry fruit powder drink if required.
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Question: Hlo meri beti do saal ki ha wo kuch khti ni ha phale wo roti sabi sb kha leti thi lekin ab ni khati or ab wo metti khati rhti ha plz btayi main kya kru uhse kaise kuch khilau
Answer: Hi dear Agar ABT abhi kuch nahi khana chahti hai to 1 phase hai lekin Mitti khana ya koi normal baat nahin hai kuch deficiency ki vajah se Aisa Ho Sakta Hai Ki Biwi Ka Mitti ka craving badh gaya hai aap please baby ka calcium and hemoglobin check karvaiye doctor se .. Hope this helps!
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